An update, a list

Make Nice received some exciting press, and a list of incredible podcast episodes for design lovers

First of all, welcome to new subscribers! Second, Make Nice was in Design Milk! It’s truly an honor, Design Milk was one of the first blogs I started following back when I discovered design. More than seeing my work in print, I love getting to be part of these huge, long term projects.

A podcast edit!

What follows are some of my favorite episodes from the best design focused podcasts out there.

I don’t listen to design focused content exclusively, but given the context of this newsletter I won’t include anything too irrelevant.

Also, while I don’t list them, listen to any and all 99 Percent Invisible episodes. They’re all perfect.

Thanks y’all, let’s talk soon.

Clever Podcast

Ep. 89: VP of Google Hardware Design Ivy Ross

Ivy Ross’s comments about rewarding users for their curiosity, encouraging them to physically explore products - this has had a huge influence on how I think about small details and the relationship my work has with its future owner.

Ep. 7: Terry Crews

Terry’s excitement about design, art and everything he pursues is contagious, and like the illnesses we fear the most, once infected I never was cured of it. 

To quote, maybe, from a memory of a recording from five years ago, “I told myself that I’m not scared - I’m excited.“

Imaginary Worlds

Episode 144: Solarpunk the Future

Science fiction often leads to science fact - a truism that also applies to design. This introduction to solarpunk has helped me change the backdrop in my minds eye, and given me a scrap of a hopeful future to envision.

20 Thousand Hertz

Dining on Decibels

I’m super sensitive to sound, and have worked to build a world that protects me from bad sounds. This piece exploring the impact of trends in design on sound is fascinating and, somehow, empowering.

Sonic Utopia

Designing a quieter future, for mental health and other reasons - yes yes yes.

The Design Files Talks

TDF Talks With Iconic Designer Mary Featherston

Lucy Feagins is a great interviewer with knowledge and passion for design, and Mary featherstone is an absolute icon, with an amazing life story and design ethos.

Nice Try!

Oneida: Utopia, LLC

A fairly surprising story about the utopian(?) community behind very normal flatware. Real heads will appreciate the Kelsey Kieth production credit.

Warning - not so much for little ears.

Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything

A Fake in the Crowd (False Alarm! part iv)

An exploration of fake. This podcast is art - its experimental form is what I truly love in modern audio. Conceptually based on the Emeco navy chair, this 99 Percent Invisible episode is a companion piece. Listen to the whole False Alarm mini series.

If this is well received, I’ll do it again. There is so much good work out there. If you do not know how to listen to podcasts and can’t figure it out, write me and I’ll try to help - I am that passionate about podcasts.